Covid-19 Measures

Space only stand bookings will only be allocated an outline on the floor. It will be the exhibitor's responsibility to build all their stand and organise all aspects of this with each contractor.

Build-up and Breakdown Schedule

Build-up from 09h00 on Sunday 8th May
Build-up must be completed by 20h00 on Monday 9th May
Breakdown must be completed by 23h00 on Thursday 12th May

Please refer to the Schedule & Deadlines section of the manual to see the whole schedule for the exhibition.

It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure that the appointed contractors are able to construct the stand within the time allocated; failure to do so may result in heavy fines and/or closing of a stand if deemed unsafe. Due to tight time frames, we insist that your stand is prefabricated off-site and assembled on site.

Please note that the Organisers reserve the right to remove any stand building materials from the hall past the deadline given and any fees incurred by the Organiser will be charged back to the Exhibitor/Contractor.

Choosing your stand builder
There are various different stand builders in Kenya and the region that will say that they can do the required job at the correct specifications. Please be aware that this is not always strictly true and you should be wary of cheaper alternatives as the quality and timings are frequently poor.

It is strongly suggested that if you are looking to have a custom stand that you contact Richard Njarumi from Kenyan based Exhibition Stand Contractors Ltd. This is one of the exhibition partners and so it is in our interest to give you the best price whilst maintaining the quality and ensuring that the stand is finished in advance.


There are a few stand contractors that we refuse entry into the exhibition (due to poor work) so please do inform us on who you are using so that we can ensure that they are an approved supplier.

Design Approval
A full set of working drawings giving a full specification of materials, columns, beams, electrical details and hanging structures including a 3D perspective view must be submitted to angela.kinyua@montgomerygroup.com no later than 16th April 2022.

A customised stand must not exceed 4m in height unless prior permission has been granted by the organisers. This permission will be given should a reputable company be appointed to build the stand.

The Organisers have the right to reject any stand plan that they deem to be:


  • Structurally unsafe
  • Considered to be too difficult to be completed in the time specified
  • Does not conform to the specifications listed in the manual
  • Likely to unreasonably affect nearby Exhibitor’s sites in any way
  • No major structural changes will be permitted to the stand once approval has been given. All stands must be prefabricated offsite and only assembled onsite.
  • Where raised flooring or platforms are provided, the corners of stands at gangway junctions shall be rounded off or splayed or otherwise protected to ensure a clear passage.

Support & Suspension (Rigging)
Direct support and suspension of structures to the Hall roof structure is NOT permitted. 

Power and Electrics

  • Power and electrics are not included on space only stands and all power and electrics must be ordered in advance from the organisers. These can be found on Form 3.
  • If your power is not organised directly from the organisers then it is subject to being cut off and extra charges being made.
  • As the Exhibitor, it is your responsibility to order adequate power supply for your stand. Failure to do this will result in delays on-site and could be a fire risk. On-site spot checks will be carried out by the venue.
  • Orders received after the due date will be subject to a surcharge. Payment in full must accompany the application
  • Power is switched off to all stands 30 minutes after the show close, should you require 24-hour power please contact richard@eco.co.ke for a quote.
  • The Organisers reserve the right to disconnect any installation that, in their opinion, is dangerous or likely to cause annoyance to visitors or other exhibitors.
  • Cables may not be plugged into the venue sockets and / or trailed across the gangways.

InsuranceInsurance for your stand, equipment and staff is strongly advised and it is the exhibitors’ responsibility to ensure that this is covered. Public Liability Insurance for cover of up to $2million is compulsory for all exhibitors, and it is the exhibitor's responsibility to ensure that this is implemented.


At the beginning of each day, the whole venue will be fully fumigated with a non-corrosive anti-bacterial/viral agent to ensure that it is fully sanitized each day.



Hand sanitizing units will be available and fully stocked at the entrance of the exhibition hall. Many others will also be located throughout the exhibition hall.



Throughout the exhibition, cleaners will be circulating the exhibition disinfecting handrails, door handles and public areas every hour.



All visitors to the exhibition will have to register before they can enter. There will be a strong encouragement to pre-register online to reduce queues.



All visitors and exhibitors will be required to wear a facemask throughout their visit to the exhibition. Face masks will be available to purchase.



All participants will need to pass through a temperature checkpoint. If someone is showing a high temperature then they will not be permitted to enter.



We have expanded the aisles throughout the exhibition to ensure that there is more space for visitors to maintaining social distancing requirements.


All stands will have at least 1m between them and the adjacent stands to ensure that exhibitors and visitors have space to maintain social distancing.


This will be available for anyone that is feeling unwell to attend. If someone is displaying Covid-19 symptoms then we will notify the relevant authorities.

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