East Africa’s Largest Packaging, Processing and Plastics Exhibition And Conference.

Propak East Africa 2017 | Event for the manufacturing industry Propak East Africa 2017 | Event for the manufacturing industry Propak East Africa 2017 | Event for the manufacturing industry

East Africa’s Largest Packaging, Processing and Plastics Exhibition And Conference.

The Webinars

The Webinars

As organisers of Propak East Africa and some of the World’s leading trade fairs, here at the Montgomery Group, we understand that we are living in unprecedented times. With you in mind, we’ve put together a series of free weekly webinars with you in mind, to keep you connected, supported and motivated at a time of uncertainty across the packaging, plastics, printing, and food-processing industry.

With packaging, printing, plastics, and food-processing professionals like yourself in mind, we will be hosting a series of free Webinars which will see industry leading figures take to our virtual stage as they provide crucial insight and guidance on pertinent themes.  


Get rid of the COVID-19 recession thinking, and leverage this market shift. A look at the Water Bottling & Vending Industry tactics moving forward

Speaker: Mr. Henry Kabogo, Chairperson, Water Bottlers Association of Kenya

Covid-19 pandemic is not the reason why water packaging machines have been running below capacity. The market has shifted and is devolving closer to consumers, from centralised production, which was more concentrated in industries, bottlers are moving to package closer to the consumer. This explains why we have over 600 players in the water bottling, refilling and vending industry.

  • First-hand information gathered from the market and trends
  • Opportunities provided by the Covid-19 pandemic to the packaging and plastics Industry
  • Importance of Single Use plastic-PET
  • Challenges that have been brought by Covid19 & how to leverage them and adapt


Packaging and Printing Solutions for COVID-19 Through 3D Printing

Mr. Dennis Micheni Munga, Co-Founder & CEO DB3D, Mr. Farai Taruvinga Mashambanhaka, Managing Partner at Africa Engineering Company and Ms Faith Ngige, Public-Private Dialogue, KEPSA (Kenya Private Sector Alliance)

During this session, we’ll be guided through the plastics and e-waste circular economies created through the use of 3D printing. Our hosts will discuss NPEK, a new initiative in the region, and how to develop a sustainable business model for PET plastics by recycling it to value-added 3D printing filament, for use in ECD (Early Childhood Development) products. Furthermore, what impact COVID-19 will have on these opportunities, both in Africa and globally.

Key takeaways from next week’s webinar:

> Understanding NPEK; New Plastics Economy Kenya

> 3D printing opportunities in Kenya during COVID-19

> Disruptions caused by COVID-19 (PPE shortage & pollution) & the impacts on the market

> A broader look at Africa and global 3D printing solutions

> Overview of 3D printing opportunities in Africa, the strengths, challenges and how it related to the global landscape of 3D printing

> 3D printing and the African Healthcare system

> What opportunities does COVID-19 present 3D printing in Africa and around the World


Webinar #1

Will COVID19 accelerate the shift toward localised & closed-loop plastic value chains in Africa?

Keiran Nicholas Smith, Co-Founder & CEO of Mr. Green Africa

Mr. Green Africa as a best practice to show how a localised & closed-loop plastic value chain in Emerging markets works, while creating long term benefits for the local economy:

  • Local job creations and tax revenues for governments
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Enhanced protection against regional and global supply chain disruptions