Asia Package

Established in 1998, Asia Package Industry Press has been committed to the publication of professional books for the Package industry in Taiwan on the premise of improving the competitiveness of the packaging industry. At present, the company has published nearly one million copies of its publications. There are many book dealers around the world.
In addition to publishing books, the company also actively participates in professional packaging exhibitions around the world, participating in more than 10 international exhibitions every year, and has accumulated more than 100 exhibition experience. Participate in the exhibition and communicate directly with buyers from all over the world to promote Asian package production.
Promote the internationalization and commercial interaction of the industry in a diversified way, and make a contribution to the packaging industry.

In recent years, based on the experience of many years of exhibiting, Asia package has extended its career to represent overseas packaging exhibitions and study tours, and to go abroad with the industry to create a broader market and more possibilities.

Our services include:

  • Professional package industry publications publishing and distribution
  • International professional package related publications agent distribution
  • Proxy international professional packaging exhibition
  • Professional exhibition tour group
  • Package industry-related issues consultation
  • Professional website production, escrow

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