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Amcor’s innovative finishing technologies offer stand-out shelf impact

POSTED: 11th Aug

Today’s consumer craves a personalized brand experience. This preference can have a meaningful impact when it comes to brand loyalty and profits.

As brands compete for consumer attention, 81 percent of shoppers have tried something new because the package caught their eye. Appearance or aesthetics of the package has led to 63 percent of shoppers repurchasing a product, and 52 percent have completely switched brands based on new packaging, according to Westrock.

Bottom line, the look and feel of packaging are primary drivers that influence a customer’s purchasing decision in the aisle. It’s a powerful enabler that meets consumers’ need for a personalized brand experience.

One of the key ways to create that experience is the use of finishing technologies. Amcor’s AmPlify™ finishing technologies for packaging is a portfolio of solutions designed to create engagement opportunities through more intense experiences with packaging elements that embody a product’s flavor, texture and scent.

“We have developed a platform of inking techniques that builds brand impressions and empowers shoppers to interact with your products,” said Amcor Flexibles North America Marketing Director John Kearny. “By utilizing our market insights, research and development strength, and design capabilities, AmPlify finishing technologies for packaging can deliver more consumer engagement and greater sales in the aisle.”

From a technical perspective, AmPlify finishing technologies for packaging offer the ability to control the coefficient of friction of materials resulting in improved operational efficiency and machinability while offering a wide range of finishes that can be applied to a broad portfolio of packaging materials and specifications:

  • Antiglare delivers clarity and improved contrast, elevating brands on the shelf with glare-free and reduced-reflection designs
  • Digital print closes the distance between store shelf and shopping cart by delivering improved speed to market and lower costs for small volume items
  • Holographic films – with three-dimensional imaging revealed by changes in light – bring interest and brightness to packaging
  • Kromasilk™ satin finish lends a refined pearlescent print surface and a three-dimensional, rich, silky surface
  • Gloss and matte inks create a premium appearance for gourmet and upscale products through highlighted graphics that pop or decrease light reflection
  • Metallics create an eye-catching package using highly reflective inks to really stand out
  • Uniquely produced soft-touch films offer a more cost-effective way to achieve a smooth feel that resonates with consumers and also may be applied only in specific areas of the package that you choose to complement graphics
  • Tactile inks enhance consumer engagement and interest by supplementing a product’s natural flavor and quality with a tactile experience that creates a standout package consumers can see and feel

If you’re ready to take the next step and move ahead of competitors when it comes to standing out, boosting engagement and connecting with consumers, connect first with the leading package design team at Amcor Flexibles North America. We’re eager to bring your next big idea to life.

Read the full article via Packaging World Insights here

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