How Covid-19 has changed food packaging priorities: Q&A with Ipsos

POSTED: 14th Sep

During the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, the packaging industry, especially in the food sector, has received attention regarding hygiene and sustainability. This includes discussion around the use of single-use plastics and increased demand for recyclability.

Ipsos is a multinational market research team headquartered in Paris, France. Its recent white paper, ‘Clean, Green and Affordable’, written by Ian Payne, Greg Clayton and Alex Baverstock, explores how food packaging will involve “balancing competing tensions” – including sustainability, hygiene, and value – post-pandemic.

Packaging Gateway spoke with paper co-author and Ipsos global service leader of pack testing Ian Payne to find out more about how the pandemic has changed priorities in the food packaging industry and how packaging companies should be balancing competing tensions post-pandemic.

Jessie Paige: Has sustainability taken a “back seat” amid Covid-19 or are we still seeing just as much demand for it?

Ian Payne: People continue to believe that they will act responsibly. In mid-April for example, 79% of a global audience claimed that they will seek out products that are healthier and better for the environment. We also see waste continue to be a top environmental concern, at a similar level to global warming and air pollution.

These attitudes have been built and reinforced over years so, even though our actions as consumers are not necessarily consistent, our positive attitudes towards the importance of sustainability appear to be maintained. It’s likely the case, therefore, that although we all have something hugely significant to deal with, our underlying values with respect to sustainability are not necessarily impacted by this new issue.

Read the full article via Packaging Gateway here

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