Material Innovation Key to Achieving Sustainable Packaging Strategy

POSTED: 5th Aug

Consumers prefer packaging materials made from recycled goods that can also be recycled again, and, according to a new report by PMMI Business Intelligence, as technology improves and more companies invest in sustainable strategies, the variety of renewable material options and recyclable packaging options will continue to increase.

Biodegradable and compostable materials are considered to be the next frontier of innovative sustainability options. Biodegradable content is any material that can be broken down through a biological process, with the end goal to drastically reduce the time they take to break down. Bioplastics derived from natural sources, such as fungus-based shipping packers, fall into the biodegradable category.

The report says that manufacturers have a number of options to explore in improving the sustainability of packaging materials, such as replacing non-renewable materials with recyclable options, reducing the overall thickness of materials, and seeking out materials with a low environmental footprint.

Read the rest of the article from Healthcare Packaging here.

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