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POSTED: 8th Apr

In these uncertain times, here at Propak East Africa, like many other businesses operating within the packaging industry we're looking to our fellow industry members for news, support, and innovations to help keep the industry both relevant and connected. 

We've been taking a look at how some of the top packaging brands are approaching the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. From charitable donations to stringent measures for containing the virus' spread, what can we learn from one another at this troubling time? See below some of the responses we found useful:  

Amcor (@Amcorpackaging) 

Amcor released their official statement in March highlighting what their strategy during the outbreak. The company commended the dedication of its employees for doing their part keeping supply chains open when we're all aware of how necessary packaging is at present. 

They have pledged to donate RMB 1 million to the China Health Organisation, surgical masks, and medical supplies to hospitals in addition to donating rigid containers to a distillery in North America which is using its plant to make hand sanitizer for local emergency services. 

Read their full statement here

Tetra Pak (@tetrapak) 

Another packaging giant, Tetra Pak, release their statement just this week. In a press release, Tetra Pak has committed to donating €10 million towards the COVID-19 coronavirus relief effort. 

The business explains its dedication to 'playing their part' to ensure the health and safety of its employees and is committed to ensuring uninterrupted food supplies during these difficult times. 

Read their statement in full here

Dow Packaging (@DowNewsroom)

One of the world's leading packaging manufacturers, Dow Packaging, have outlined their response to the global outbreak in an interview with Bloomberg TV. Dow's CEO Jim Fitterling commented on the packaging giant's responses. 

Fitterling explains the company's current plans to keep up with their customer demands, maintaining their usual output whilst the global 'lockdown' measures are in place. But further to that, the company has outlined its strategy to help the global fight against COVID-19 with an expansion into Sanitizer production across 5 locations. 

Dow is now producing an estimated 888,000 bottles of hand sanitizer bottles a week, most of which will be donated to local hospitals and healthcare facilities on the front-line. 

Listen to the full interview here

Sasol (@SasolSA)

One of Africa's largest producers and bulk suppliers of specialty chemicals, Sasol has thrown their figurative hat into the line of defense against the global COVID-19 crisis in the last week. 

The chemical giant has developed a range of alcohol-based chemicals to be used specifically for the manufacture of hand sanitizers to support the increased global demand for these products. 

“Over the past few weeks, Sasol has experienced an increase in demand of nearly 400% for alcohol-based products. In recent weeks, we have delivered close to eight million liters to the South African market and our laboratories, production, marketing and supply chain teams are working around the clock to ensure a reliable supply of critical alcohol-based products to customers.” Commented Sasol's President and CEO Mr. Fleetwood Grobler. 

Read the full article here

Syntegon (@SyntegoGlobal)

The German supplier, formally known as Bosch Packaging Technology, has also published its response to the growing pandemic of COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Maintaining their existing commitments to customers was at the top of CEO Dr. Michael Grosse’s list in the press release. He said ‘We are seeing healthcare facilities pushed to their limits, empty supermarket shelves that reflect people’s deep-seated insecurity, and ever more restrictions on public life. The novel coronavirus continues to spread rapidly and the effects of the outbreak on everyday life are now real. Our efforts to contain the spread of the virus represent a challenge that we can meet only by facing this together.”

Read the full press release here.

Mondi (@Mondigroup)

Outlining the business’ strategy during the COVID-19 crisis, Mondi’s press release reveals the specific measures they’re taking to step-up their response and avoid risking the health and safety of team members.

“We have created a multi-function response team who are closely monitoring the latest developments, assessing risks, providing guidance, and implementing preventative policies in line with individual government regulations and recommendations in the countries in which we operate.”

See their full detailed response here.

Davis Standard (@DSLLC)

Davis-Standard has assembled a global steering committee that meets three times a week to discuss changing health recommendations in each of the countries and jurisdictions in which it and its subsidiaries are located and to ensure it is complying with all guidelines. In addition, between those meetings, local site leaders and human resources leaders meet with employees to address coronavirus concerns.

The business is turning to Technology to help innovate the way their business is running on a day to day basis. Using virtual meetings and many other solutions to maintain their customer services.

Read the full article here.

KAM (@KAM_Kenya)

The Kenyan Association of Manufacturers has released a short video via their twitter account from Mr. Sachen Gudka, the association’s CEO discussing strategies and protection methods during this trying time, especially highlighting their guidance for SMEs.

The business is releasing a great deal of key information around ‘Do’s and Don’ts for staying safe and preventing the virus’ spread such as infographics, all of which can be viewed via their twitter and other social media.

 Further to providing key industry information, KAM has donated 25 handwashing stations to Mavoko Sub County to be distributed to county offices and markets to help curb the spread in the country.

See their twitter feed here for more insights. 

Kenya Breweries Ltd (@KenyaBreweries)

Kenya Breweries Ltd has engaged certified santiser producers to manufacture 1 million x 100ml, 500 x 5L and 2,500 x 500ml sanitiser bottles, to be distributed by @Amref_Kenya & @KenyaRedCross to vulnerable communities in the region.

See the full press conference video here.

Windmoeller & Hoelscher (@W_H_Group)

Releasing their official response measures during the current global pandemic, W&H have stressed their ‘business as usual’ where possible approach. In their detailed post, the company outlines specific precautionary measures they’re taking to keep their staff safe but also maintain the business’ output as a valued packaging contributor.

Have a read of their response to see specific services they’re offering, such as virtual assistance here.


As outlined above, we want to hear from you regarding how your business has been affected so we can share insights and experience across the industry. Feel free to get in touch with us via [email protected]

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