Sustainably Optimized Flat Wine Bottles Enter The Market

POSTED: 24th Jun

UK flat bottle inventor Garçon Wines partners with Amcor to bring the ecommerce-ready packaging stateside in an rPET format. Glass wine bottles have been around for at least 3,500 years and have been available in the familiar round shape recognized worldwide since the early 1800s.

In the last 20 years, lightweight plastic PET wine bottles in that same shape were introduced. And in the last two years Garçon Wine in the United Kingdom debuted a category-busting new design innovation: flat wine bottles. These space-saving flat wine bottles blowmolded of 100% recycled PET plastic are an ideal fit for US ecommerce channels.

Versus glass bottles, the flat bottles are…

  • 87% lighter;
  • 100% recyclable;
  • 40% spatially smaller, which means that more than twice the number of bottles fit on a pallet;
  • Stackable like books and save space at retail, at homes and everywhere;
  • Slightly taller than an average bottle, which distinguishes them on the dining table and enables greater merchandising presence in a retail setting, increasing visibility and driving sales.

Read the full interview by Packaging Digest here.

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