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The brainchild of two mechanical engineers,MLT Pack Services offers economy, quality, and trust

POSTED: 22nd Aug

MLT Pack Services was established in 2003 in Nashik, Maharashtra by two mechanical engineers, Narayan Kshirsagar and Sandip Jarkad as a biscuit packing machine manufacturer at competitive rates. Today, it exports more than 400 biscuits packaging machines to countries like Mexico, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Mozambique, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Bahrain, Thailand, Nepal, and Bangladesh among others.

Sharing information about the work they do, Narayan Kshirsagar, managing director, MLT Pack Services says, “We are the manufacturer and suppliers of packaging machines for all types of biscuits, cookies, cupcake, slice cake, noodles, chocolate bar, rusk or toast, peanut bar, wafer biscuits, energy bar(protein bar), detergent soap, bath soap, and any other similar products having uniform shape like square, rectangular or round, etc.”

He added that by manufacturing 25 packaging machines per month, MLT has supplied more than 1400 Packaging Machines worldwide. Out of that, it has supplied more than 1000 packaging machines to India’s best biscuit manufacturer Parle Biscuits.

Working continuously on innovation

Regarding the company’s efforts on innovation, Kshirsagar says, “Our design and R&D departments continuously work on various innovations like automation systems.” He informed that in keeping with their efforts, MLT has developed various packaging machines like:

  • Pillow Pack Machines for biscuits with a 6-line automation system,
  • Pillow Pack Machines for cream biscuits automation system,
  • Canteen Pack Machines for biscuits with a 4-line automation system,
  • Secondary Wrapping OR Overwrapping Machine for biscuits,
  • Tray Pack Machine for a cupcake, slice cake
  • Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine for cookies, noodles, wafer biscuits, rusk or toast, chikki or peanut bar, bath soap, electrical switches, chocolate & any other similar product having shape round, rectangular or square.

MLT Pack Services claims to be the first manufacturer of online ‘D’ cut for secondary wrapping machines.

Kshirsagar believes that considering the recent disruptions and trends in the market, the F&B industry is growing at a continuous pace. The packaging industry plays an important role in this segment. He adds, “The hygiene criteria in the F&B industries play an important role. Considering these aspects, the F&Bindustries are taking initiatives and increasing their share in all segments.”

The road ahead

Kshirsagar tells that MLT Pack Services has a vision of making MLT the number 1 brand in India in the category of manufacturing & supplying horizontal flow wrap machines. “Our vision is to reach big corporate and multinational companies in the food industry and other equivalent segments and the future plan is to get more business from export & increase the export ratio,” he concludes.

Visit MLT PACK to find out more.

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